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What is Coating?

Manufacturing coated fabrics is our business. We select our textile bases with care, while choosing different textures (cloth or jersey, etc.) and materials (cotton, polyamide and polyester, etc.). We then coat them with polymers, primarily PVC and polyurethane.
With our finishing processes, we can offer aspects such as leather or textile ones. We protect the surface of our coated products with varnishes, which makes them resistant to use and adverse weather conditions (light, spots, etc.).


We are an international specialist in the manufacturing of coated textiles. We have been competing on the world market for more than 50 years. Our know-how and experience have allowed us to diversify while we constantly strive to provide innovation and quality. All our products are certified and recognised for their technical and aesthetic properties, which gained us the trust of some major brands (in the Automotive Industry , luxury leather goods, the healthcare-branch, transport, industrial and fire-retardant coated textiles for the furniture-, hotel- and restaurant-branches).

We are part of the Duroc group, their strategy is to continue to invest in their subsidiaries as well as focusing on opportunistic acquisitions in existing or related areas. Duroc strives to build and develop a group consisting of high quality subsidiaries within several different sectors.

As a subsidiarie we operate close to our customers and therefore have the best understanding of the market and its needs. The Group’s governance model is highly decentralized and the various subsidiaries are responsible for developing their profitability.

Duroc believes in maintaining entrepreneurship as a basis for healthy and profitable growth.




Manufacturing &
Leather Goods


& Well-being


rond_auto     Automotive

Coated fabrics for automotive upholstery and passenger compartment coverings:

• Carpet borders


rond_confection      Manufacturing & Leather Goods

Coated fabrics for the creation of apparel and luggage:

• High-end handbag and luggage coverings

• Designer coated fabrics for the manufacture of fashion apparel

• Technical safety fabrics for the manufacture of protective garments for the fishing, construction,
oil and gas industries, etc. (properties of these coated fabrics: fire-resisting,
high visibility, antistatic).


rond_industrie     Industry

Coated fabrics for public transportation seat coverings
and for the development of products that are based on specifications:

• Custom applications for helmet, saddle and membrane coverings, etc.

• Coated fabrics for public transportation seat coverings, such as buses, trains, planes, etc.

• Application for the Outdoors and Sailing, etc.


rond_sante      Health & Well-being

Technical coated fabrics that comply with standards in effect for medical and paramedical
uses as well as those of public-access hospitality establishments:

• Coated support suitable for hospital and retirement home equipment,
specifically for operating tables and mattress protection in a medical environment, etc.

• Application for fitness and child care: floor mats, nursery furniture, massage tables, etc.


rond_ameublement      Furniture

Design coated fabrics for modern furniture:

• Furniture coverings for hospitality, seats and bench seats for cafés, hotels and restaurants.

• Coated fabric coverings for office furniture, seats and equipment intended for
public-access establishments

• Coverings for furniture intended for private use in living rooms, specifically for
armchairs and couches.

• Coated fabrics for tapestry and the decoration of lounges, pubs, clubs, etc.


Our main four values at Plastibert nv


business requirements

Maximum satisfaction of our customers in the best possible way by meeting their requirements or specifications, whether in terms of quality, reactivity, creativity, innovation or in complying with delivery schedules. All of this is done within a sustainable partnership.

Employee involvement

Promoting the production-quality while making the members of our company aware of the steps needed for a good quality and involving them in every step of this production.

Enduring supplier affiliation

In today's rapidly evolving market it is imperative to keep a healthy and longevous relation with your suppliers, we at Plastibert try to keep these relations as close to our hearts as possible.

Consistently Improving our Quality

We constantly improve the quality of our products, this is done by making the personnel aware of our quality problems and then training our members and helping them solve these issues.

optimization of the internal and external relations

Offering our employees, shareholders, Duroc Group, and surrounding residents a healthy and professional relation is done by increasing the safety on work-stations and decreasing our use of products that are harmful to the environment.

Observe regulations

Meeting the regulatory and legal requirements that apply to our products and activities. For this, we are fully involved in an approach that complies with the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.