Towards a better future

Reducing impact on environment & health

Plastibert is continuously developing its offer and looking for environmental friendly alternative formulas (water based, phthalate free, …). In addition, we actively take actions to reduce solvent usage.

Every year, we make a waste register to monitor the most important waste streams. This allows a selective collection and disposal of all waste streams within Plastibert.

To reduce our energy consumption, we invest in energy efficient equipment. Every month we monitor our energy and water usage and set targets for lower consumption.

Plastibert is member of VinylPlus, an organisation that supports sustainable development and aims to improve the sustainable performance of PVC.

Duroc sustainable value creation

Long-term vision is one of the basic fundaments of how Duroc and its subsidiaries conduct business. Everything from decisions on important investments to daily activities is based on our commitment to creating long-term values, both for the shareholders and for the employees, society and other stakeholders. Sustainable solutions are a prerequisite for creating value in the long term. For more information please check Duroc’s Sustainability Reports and Whistle-blower Policy.

Social responsability

We stand behind the UN’s global goals for sustainable enterprise. We also adhere to global initiatives such as the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and the eight Fundamental ILO Conventions. Because we are convinced that the most competitive companies will be those able to deliver sustainable products sustainably produced in corporate cultures that are committed to making good things responsibly, we work constantly at strengthening our companies’ sustainability efforts. We do not cooperate with businesses in which child labour is exploited. 

Reputable suppliers & reliable raw materials

We source our raw materials from reputable European suppliers. By limiting sourcing distances, we generate less greenhouse gas emissions and reduce transport costs. Next to this, Plastibert sources recyclable or reusable packaging materials (e.g. PE foil, cardboard, metal barrels, …). Furthermore, we focus on sourcing REACH compliant raw materials (REACH is an EU regulation to protect the human health and environment against the risks of hazardous substances).

Product development

Research and development in coated textiles is part of our DNA. Thanks to this, we are able to offer green products with bio based PU resins, recycled Polyester, bio certified Cotton, … To boost this, we actively create synergies with other (local) companies to replace synthetic materials with natural ones. Various products within Plastibert have the Oekotex 100 Class 1 label, which guarantees no hazardous substances – and limits the impact on the environment. 

Quality policy (ISO 9001 & 14001) 

Plastibert is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. Thanks to the implementation of ISO 9001, we continuously optimize our processes to improve our service and guarantee high customer satisfaction. Furthermore, we lower costs by working more efficiently, reducing risks and utilizing opportunities. By implementing ISO 14001, our environmental performance is constantly monitored and improved. This allows us to use energy, water and other scarce sources more efficiently, which reduces pollution and minimizes our environmental impact. In addition, we guarantee a safe and hygienic work environment for our employees.

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