Coated textiles protect and save lives, now more than ever.

Coated textiles makes a big difference nowadays, such as face-masks but also so much more. Coated textiles for decontamination clothing, mattress protection, protective clothing, quarantine curtains, etc ...

A vinyl coated textile that offers us safety in the place we daily use.
A coated textile that helps us protect the ones who protects us.

What are coated textiles

Coated textiles are a collection of textile products that provides a solution for a wide range of social and industrial challenges.

And nowadays more essential than ever before with Covid-19 keeping the world in its grip. Coated textiles are playing a major role in this fight.

Mattress Protection

As a major world competitor in the production of coated textiles for mattress protection, we know how important the composition is of a coated textile for not all coated textiles are suitable for the fight against COVID-19.

It is important that the top layer that comes into contact with our body is absolutely impermeable (so that it prevents moisture and other liquids from being pulled into the mattress) and that it also has a outstanding resistance to hydrolysis (this means it is water-resistant, water-repelling and water-tight). Some materials seems waterproof when you look at it, but sadly they are not.

There are many more requirements needed for the medical sector, this for when people with different pathologies repeatedly share a bed: bio-compatibility, flame retardant (EN,ISO,BS), Anti-decubitus, anti-bacterial, anti-house mite and anti-fungi treated.

The top layer of our major selling Medical mattress protection consists of a PU coating that is especially developed for the medical sector. All our coated textiles are produced and developed in house. This topcoat is applied to a textile that stretches a little in a two or four way.

Our coated textile should be as light as possible, this for the health-care providers. The majority of our mattress protection are between 90 and 330 grams per m².

Protective Clothing

The technical aspect of a coated textile is determined by the materials from which it is made. This contains the entire process from a raw material to a finished coated textile; from R&D to follow-up after sales. At Plastibert we believe in working together in this fight against COVID-19.

We believe that this is the right approach, for we're all in this together. Protective clothing cannot be left a shot it the dark for our men and women out there helping. It is a necessary equipment in the work they do.

We have the know-how, the means and the people. We have been in the business of coated textiles for clothing, furniture and mattress for over 50-years, coated textiles is what we know.

Wash, disinfect and sterilize our coated textiles

Which coated textile you should choose depends on many factors. Just like with face-masks, not every textile protects you against COVID-19.

First and foremost, mattress protection for hospitals and crisis centers in times of pandemics must be washable at 95°C and must be resistant to sterilization. Secondly the textile has to be resistant to active chlorine's and a broad range of disinfectants. And on top of that, it has to withstand some demanding processes such as frequent high temperature washing followed by high temperature drying.

- - A full list of approved Disinfectants is available on request - -