A premium PVC product made in Belgium.

Product Characteristics

• Composition :
    - Coating : PVC
    - Backing : Cotton
• Weight : 845 g/m2
• Width : 140cm
• Length : 30lm
• Abrasion resistance : 150.000cycles
• Fire proof norm : B1 (DIN 4102-1), M1(AM18)
  CRIB 5 (BS5852), IMO A652 (EN 13501-1)
  CATB117 E (UFAC class 1), NY/NJ Port (CATB133 PROTO A&B)

Specific Characteristics

• Surface resistance to UV-light ISO 105-B02
• Surface resistance to Sweat ISO 105-E04
• Surface resistance to Oils EN12720
• Efficacy against bacteria Jis Z 2801 : 2000

Cleaning Instructions

Clean regularly with a pH neutral soap and soft brush.
Always rinse with clear water.

Do not use detergents, solvent cleaners, polish, wax, patent chemicals or other products not recommended by PLASTIBERT nv.

Some stains like ball pen, coffee, wine, eosin and also jeans, should be cleaned immediately to avoid any permanent absorption into the vinyl.


We cannot be held responsible for transfer problems generated by dyes of poor quality. Plastibert waves all responsiblility for problems arisen out of ignoring the cleaning instructions.

Application area

The technical datasheet is available on request.