With our highly technical coated supports, we comply with the strictest technical constraints of the medical sector (fire retardant, antibacterial, etc.) while meeting the needs of hospitals, retirement homes, nurseries or the Well-being sector (mattress protection, medical upholstery, etc.).
Quality Composition Weight Roll length Number of
Magic Premium PU 595g/m2 30lm   138-140cm
Ginkgo Premium PVC 845g/m2 30lm   140cm
All products are available in 110cm/140cm/220cm widths and antibacterial treatment.
Quality Composition Weight CRIB 5 CRIB 7 M1 AST96-66 Oekotex 100 EB71-3 Washable Hydrostatic
Cyotoxicity Biocompatibility
PU/pe 325g/m2          600g/m2       60°C >2000mm
Dahlia 300 PU/pe 330g/m2       600g/m2 95°C >2000mm
Dahlia Inry Ron PU/pe 230g/m2       800g/m2 95°C >2000mm
Dahlia Bi Elastic PU/pe 205g/m2    800g/m2 95°C >2000mm
Igny Dahlia H80 PU/pe 180g/m2 600g/m2       95°C >2000mm   
Igny Dahlia H50 PU/pe 150g/m2    600g/m2       95°C >2000mm
Flora Bi Elastic PU/pe 175g/m2    800g/m2    95°C >2000mm
Dahlia T70 PU/pe 145g/m2    600g/m2 95°C >2000mm
Flora T70 PU/pe 125g/m2    900g/m2    95°C >2000mm
Pillow PU/pe 110g/m2       1000g/m2    95°C      
Flora Ultralight PU/pe 105g/m2       850g/m2    95°C >2000mm   
Pillow light PU/pe 95g/m2       900g/m2    95°C      
Dahlia C PU/co 220g/m2       1050g/m2       95°C >2000mm   
Dacor PU/pa 255g/m2       750g/m2 95°C >2000mm
Dacor Light PU/pa 205g/m2       990g/m2 95°C >2000mm   
Bi ELastic FR PU/pa 180g/m2       900g/m2    95°C >2000mm
Krokus PVC/pe 330g/m2                   95°C >2000mm      
Krokus M2 PVC/pe 330g/m2                   95°C >2000mm      
Igny Krokus PVC/pe 330g/m2                95°C >2000mm      
Iris PVC PVC/pe-co 400g/m2                   60°C >2000mm      
Iris PU PU/pe-co 245g/m2          610g/m2       60°C >2000mm   
Duo Flora Bi Elastic PU/pe 255g/m2       600g/m2    95°C >2000mm   
Possible Upgrades :
   Premium : better hydrolysis and better chemical resistance.
   ECO : Halogen free (except M1 quality).
   Scuff : better scuff resistance.
   Antistatic : ISO 2878 for black and EN 1149 for other colours.
   FR : BS 7177 medium hazard, NFPA 701.
   Antislip Finish.