Quality and Know-how

Our passion for this business, our know-how in coating, our 60 years of experience and our constant quest for quality allow our coated products to strive for excellence. Major names in luxury leather goods, the demanding Automotive industry, major hotel groups and the medical sector have placed their trust in the Cotting Group.


Cotting offers its customers a lot of flexibility: on the one hand, industrial production with a total fabric coating capacity of over 70 000 meters per day, and, on the other, targeted productions such as DIGITIK ®, which make it possible to personalise or customise smaller volumes.

High precision controls all along production

To ensure constant high quality, we have set up rigorius controls that comply with our customers’ specifications: verification of colour, the product’s thickness, multiple abrasion, elongation, resistance tests, etc., with, in the end, a last visual control of all our coated products.

DIGITIK® Digital printing

To test new collections or manufacture certain new products, we developed a digital printing process. It makes it possible to develop prototypes without having to launch an production run on our industrial machines. These digital prints afford you the possibility of testing your unique and more complicated designs while keeping the products’ flexibility and feel.